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22 Apr 2018 | 07:46:39

LifeCraft can help you take time to look after your well-being
Well-being is being phisically fit.
Well-being is about emotionally happy.
LifeCraft health and well-being programmes.
Well-being is being mentally challenged.
Well-being is about spiritually fulfilled.

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An investment in your
well-being and happiness

There are good reasons to undertake the Well-being Questionnaire at any point in your life:

  • It's useful as it will stimulate your thinking
  • It's motivating as you can work out your next steps
  • It's challenging as it can highlight issues that need some attention
  • It's important as well-being is recognised as one of the strongest determinants of health

Invest 10 minutes in yourself to reflect on how content you are with your well-being.

The responses you give will generate a report that will indicate what is working well for you at the moment, as well as changes you may want to make that will influence your life balance, stress levels, personal development and well-being in general.

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What is well-being?

There is no single definition of well-being, although there is a widespread consensus that it is more than the absence of illness.

Often when we think of 'being well' we think of being physically well or just not being unwell; whereas well-being is affected by a broad range of aspects.

  • Energy and vitality: having the energy to be able to undertake what you want
  • Mental attitude: being realistically optimistic with a positive outlook on life and practicing effective coping strategies
  • Relationships: feeling positive about yourself, as well as benefiting from and contributing to relationships with others and the environment
  • Values and ethics: being authentic, where you recognise that your values and beliefs are compatible with personal and professional activities
  • Balance in all aspects of well-being: acknowledging the above physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being overlap and can affect and compensate for each other

Health and well-being means different things to different people, individuals are often able to define what well-being means to them, and at times in our lives we know when we are experiencing a sense of well-being, this knowing is unique to us as individuals.

However, well-being is not a static experience, it comes, it goes, it changes. Just as we change, grow and develop so do our needs and wants which in turn impact on our well-being both positively and negatively.

Undertaking the Well-being Questionnaire can be used as your starting point to being fit, challenged, happy and fulfilled.

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The Well-being Questionnaire is part of the LifeCraft suite of products and services that promote and encourage well-being in individuals and organisations.